Tuesday, May 3, 2011

DIY Apron

Aprons have been the craze lately. Anywhere from ruffles and gathers, to straps and bow, it's more than just to protect your clothes when you're cooking - it's feeling cute while you're cooking! Here's a simple and easy way to make a quick and cute apron!

Step 1: These measurements are enough to make 2 aprons. 
       - 1 yard of the main fabric
       - 1/2 yard for the straps
       - 1/2 yard for the ruffle

Step 2: Cut the fabric
     - Bottom: 22" x 22"
     - Top: 14" H x 15" W
     - Waist Strap: 2 pieces - 44" x 4"
     - Neck Strap: 2 pieces - 22" x 3"
     - Ruffle: 3 pieces - 44" x 4"

Step 3: Edges
This is the most tedious part - but worth it.  I fold over the edges, twice, and sew it - so that when you wash the apron it won't fray. 

Step 4: Sew Top & Bottom Together
Take your top piece and bottom piece (if your fabric has a pattern make sure the pattern is facing the same way), put the "pretty" sides together. Put the top piece right in the middle of the bottom piece. Pin together and sew. 

Step 5: The Ruffle
Take the 3 pieces of fabric for your ruffle and sew them together. I make sure that at least one side is finished off. Then I change the width of my stitch on my sewing machine to about 4.5 instead of the usual 2.5. I stitch down the opposite side of the finished side. Do not do a backstitch. Grab the thread on the back of this stitch and pull. Hold the top thread still and pull the bottom thread. You'll notice your fabric will start to scrunch up. Continue to push down the gathers and pull the thread until your ruffle is all scrunched and ready to go! 

Step 6: Sew on the Ruffle
Because of the gathers in a ruffle it will tend to spiral, so make sure to pin it to your apron to make the process of sewing it together a lot easier. The "pretty" sides are together, with the finished side of the ruffle towards the apron and the gathered side facing away from the apron. 

Step 7: Neck Binding
Next, fold down the top 2 inches of the top piece of your apron. Sew it so there is a hole for your neck strap.
Step 8: Straps
Take the 2 pieces for your waist strap and sew them together, to make one long piece. Put the two sides together with the "pretty" side of the material on the inside. Once that is all sewn, sew one end of the strip - not both sides, only one. Then you have to turn this inside out. 
The easiest way I've found to do this is to put a kitchen cooking spoon and pushing the finished end through, until you can pull the end all the was through. 
Then finish the other open end. Then iron the strap for a nicer finished look. 

 Step 9: Neck Strap
 Slide the neck strap you just made through the hole on the top of your apron. Sew a small stitch right in the middle of the top of your apron to make the strap stay in place.
Then scrunch up the top to lengthen the strap and give your apron a little character.

 Step 10: Waist Strap
Follow the directions in step 8. Once complete pin your strap around the waist of your apron, in between the top and bottom pieces of your apron. Sew in place, and you're all finished!

This is just one way to make a fun apron. You can add pockets, no ruffle, a straight neck rather than a gathered neck, and many more alterations. The truth is, it's all about the fabric. The same design with different fabric can completely change your look. Have fun! I'd love to see what you can come up with! 

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  1. Great tutorial! I've always wanted to try an apron. These are adorable. I'll come back here when I'm ready to sew!

    It was great meeting you and your family at the wedding festivities. :)