Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waist Apron Tutorial

This is almost exactly like the apron here and there was a request for a quick tutorial, so here it is. There are a lot of similarities to this apron. So first off, grab your supplies:
 I then took a square piece of fabric, held it up to my waist and measured the width and length I wanted it - your dimensions might be different than mine :). But make sure to make it 3-4 inches longer than your desired length. Then I finished the edges of that entire piece.
 Next, make your yellow ruffle. Increase the length of your stitch on your machine to 4.5. Do not do a back stitch.
 Pull on the bottom thread and pull the fabric in the opposite direction. Watch your little ruffle come to life!
 Pin and sew the ruffle directly on the back.
 Next, cut some straps. sew with pretty sides together, creating a long tube. Turn inside out and iron flat. Sew next to your ruffle on the back of your apron.
 Fold the extra few inches of fabric down over the strap to reinforce it.
 I added a little pocket, I always have my phone on me, so this little guy does the trick perfectly!
 There you are! A quick little waist apron. Let me know if you need more details or have any questions!

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