Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DIY Ribbon Board

I have made several of these for other people, and I decided my own baby girl deserves one! So I took some coupons I had that were expiring, and I was able to buy all of my materials for under $10! (excluding the staple gun).
Lay your fabric face down. Place some quilt batting on top of that (the thickness is totally up to you). Then lay your cork board face down in the center of the fabric and batting. You want to make sure you have at least a 2 inch allowance on each of the four sides of the board.  
Start in the middle of any side and staple the material and batting to the back of the cork board. 
After completing one side, do the opposite side. Pull the fabric and batting slightly when stapling so that there is no slack in the fabric.

 Take the ribbon (you can do one kind of ribbon, but I used 5 different ribbons to add a little more character) and lay it down diagonally across your board with about a 2 inch allowance on each end. You can pin the ribbons in place, or you can set them aside, and staple each ribbon one at a time. Before I staple the ribbon I always hold it in place, look at the front to make sure it's straight and parallel to the other ribbons, then staple.
 Once you have completed all of the ribons facing one direction, to the others facing the opposite direction.
 This time, you will want to weave the new ribbons with the ribbons that have already been stapled onto the board. The ribbons that are weaved should stay in place while you flip over the board to staple - once again, I usually make sure it's exactly where I want it before I staple it.
 After stapling the fabric, batting, and ribbons, I like to trim all of the excess just to clean it up a bit. But it's the back, who cares what it looks like, no one will ever see it!
 And there you have it!! I don't think it took me more than 20 minutes! It's darling, and I love it. You can place pictures under the ribbons or reminder notes or whatever you please - I'll be using it for all of my baby girls little hair bows!


  1. I really need to make one of these! Anne has a bow board, but it's packed to capacity and of course I just keep making more:)

  2. what a cute blog!! love your ideas!