Friday, November 16, 2012

Master Bathroom Re-Do

In our master bathroom we have a separate little room for the toilet. I've never really thought of this as a room, but I decided that it was dull and depressing and needed some help. Here's the before and after:


First the room need a fresh coat of paint. I used a really light blue called "Morning Jog". 

For the flower vase I took an empty oatmeal container and wrapped it was Jute and glued it a bit along the way. Then I put together the cabinet I bought from Target. I had tried painting some curtains a few weeks ago, but it didn't turn out how I thought, so I used a piece of that curtain for the back of the cabinet for a little spunk. Added some knobs, a toilet seat cover and a soft rug and called it good. 

Another room done!


  1. amazing!! =) great job. I never would've thought to use an old oatmeal container for a flower vase! I would never of known! =)

  2. I love it. We have a similar set up in our master bath. Maybe I'll have to try to give it a makeover!