Friday, January 13, 2012

Stripe Quilt

One of my good friends just had a baby boy, and I had a crafty craving - I had to make her something. So luckily the fabric store had 25% off minky fabric (with an additional 10% off coupon), and 20% off baby flannel. So I saved almost $20. 

I bought: 
1 3/4 yards of the brown minky fabric
1/3 of a yard for 4 different flannels (I have pictured 5 different fabrics, but I decided to use a bit of the minky on front instead).
I then cut each fabric into two pieces, some 6", some 8", some 4", I wanted all the strips different sizes. The blanket is then 45" wide. I like to always lay out the strips before I sew them so that you don't have polka dots and stripes next to each other, or two of the same color right next to each other. 

Then sew the strips together, pretty sides together, so the seams are hidden.  
Then press the seams with an iron.  
 Lay the sewn strips down over the minky, and trim so that there are about 2-3" on each side. 
 Fold the sides over, so that you're hiding the raw edge. Pin one side in place, sew, then pin a different side and sew.

I then did a stay stitch at about every square foot to help keep the two sides together. I did this rather than professionally quilting the blanket, and also rather than tie the quilt. By doing a small backstitch, you can't even see it, and it helps the blanket not separate.
 All finished!!! Cute, cuddly and ready for a cute and cuddly baby!

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