Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mommy Bag

For Christmas my wonderful husband got me this awesome book. My sister, my mom and I all found a bag we liked out of the book and a few fun sewing sessions. This was the bag I came up with. I absolutely love it. I love all of the pockets. The more I sew and do fun projects, the more I realize, it's ALL about the fabric. Cute fabric is key. Don't just settle when it comes to finding fabric for your project, make sure you love it first!

It is a bit large, but I like it. I love the big button too. I'm excited to make another bag! Maybe I'll make my little girl a purse, she's been carrying around a paper bag with all of her toys in it... 


  1. Becca it turned out SO super cute! Good job! I love what it all looks like now that it's all together! I'm sure Livster would love having one too :) Thanks for all your help!

  2. It turned out fabulous!! GREAT fabric :D

  3. I WANT ONE! Love the colors, everything! Found you thru the giveaway over at Megans :) Looking forward to following you now :)

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