Thursday, May 10, 2012

Camera Purse

I just bought a new D-SLR camera (Yay!). I didn't want to have to lug around a camera bag, and a purse. So I decided to make a cute purse into a camera bag! I found this purse at TJ Maxx:
My main criteria was that it needed to have a flat bottom (this happened to be 8" x 12"), it needed a long strap so I could have it over my shoulder, and it needed to zip closed.

Your measurements may differ depending on what camera you have and what size purse you choose to use. I have the Canon Rebel T2i, and two lenses. 

3/4 of a yard of fabric
15" x 30" foam
1 foot of Velcro

1. I actually used 3 different fabrics (the coral color isn't pictured, it was an afterthought), each 1/4 of a yard.
2. Cut a piece of fabric 11" x 33"
3. Fold in half length-wise so it's now 5.5" x 33". Then sew along a short side and a long side, so there is one short side still open. Clip your corners and turn inside out. 
4. Cut 4 pieces of foam: (2) 6.5" x 5.5" - Piece A, (2) 8.5" x 5.5 - Piece B
5. Put Piece A in and all the way down to the sewn end. Sew right next to the foam so it's tightly enclosed in the fabric. Take Piece B, push it down all the way to the seam. And sew right next to that piece of foam so that it is tightly enclosed. Repeat with Piece A and then the other Piece B. 
 6. At the end of your foam-filled piece of fabric, sew the edges together. Sew the loops of the Velcro on the inside of one side. Then on the far side sew the hooks of the Velcro on the outside. So when you put them together it forms a little box.

 7. Cut 2 pieces of fabric: (1) 4" x 11", (1) 6.5" x 11"
8. Cut 2 pieces of foam: (1) 3.5" x 5" - Piece C, (1) 6" x 5" - Piece D
9. Take your smaller piece of fabric and fold in half (so it's 4 x 5.5), and sew the two long sides inside out. Clip corners and turn inside out. Put your smaller piece of foam inside. Sew last side together, then sew on a hoop of a Velcro piece.
10. Take the larger fabric piece and in half ( so now 6.5 x 5.5), and sew inside out along the two shorter sides, leaving one side open. Put your last piece of foam inside. Sew shut. In the middle of the piece sew on the hook side of the Velcro. The two pieces should then connect perpendicular.

11. Place your two little perpendicular pieces inside your little box. Just enough space for a camera and two lenses! 

I decided afterward to add an extra piece of foam on the bottom to add a bit more protection. Now I have just enough room for my camera, two lenses, my wallet, my phone, and keys! I am so happy with how it turned out! Now I won't feel like it's a hassle to lug around this camera. It's great!

 Email me if you have questions, I know my instructions might be a bit confusing :) 


  1. What a GREAT tutorial! I'm so pinning this! Thanks!

  2. That's perfect! Now I just need to buy a new purse... ;-) Thank you for sharing this.