Friday, April 13, 2012

Hem Jeans with Original Hem

I just bought a pair of pants that I LOVE...but, they are way too long. I thought they'd be OK with shoes and folded up a bit. But they were driving me crazy, and the if they dragged they would just ruin way too quickly. Here's the before pics of my nice-long-bunched-up-dragging pants:

 1. The first step is to fold up and measure how much you want to hem. I needed to make them just under 2" shorter so that they just barely touch the floor. So I folded it just under 1" up so that they'd be 2" shorter.
 2. Pin in place. Make sure that it's the same measurement all the way around. Also make sure that each leg is measured equally (unless your legs are different lengths :).
 3. Then using your zipper foot, sew right along the edge of the original hem.
 4. After the hem is sewn, you could either cut off the excess fabric, or fold it inside (just in case you want to make them longer again some day).
 5. Use your iron to press the seam flat. You shouldn't see the seam, and your original hem is still there.
 6. To make sure the excess fabric stays in place, I took a needle and thread, and by hand I did a very small stitch every 1/4 inch - just grabbing a thread or two on the pant and the excess. By just grabbing a few threads, it will help keep in place, but won't show your stitches on the other side.
 7. All complete! Now I'll probably actually wear these pants now. :)

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