Monday, July 25, 2011

Scrap Quilt

 If you're like me you probably have a bunch of little scraps of fabric that you used for different sewing projects along the way. You held on to those scraps thinking, "someday I'll use this little piece for something". Well this is your something!! These are actually all of my mom's leftovers, but I made the cutest little quilt with them. 

I made a quilt for my baby last summer, and while I was purchasing the fabric that lady at the fabric store told me, "the best quilts have all coordinating fabrics with the same colors all through out all of the fabrics." Well quilt lady, I say to you, the more random the better! The less the colors go together the better. Random and non-matching is a beautiful thing.
 I pieced each square. Then sewed the rows. Then the rows together. Sewed the back, the batting and front with the "pretty" sides together. Flipped it inside out. Tied it. Then sewed a nice little 1/2 seam around the edge for a nice finished look.
The back:

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