Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Booties

I have always wanted to attempt making my baby little booties. There are the cutest booties all over, but I finally found a great tutorial and pattern here on Tao of Craft. My baby is 9 months old so I made the 6-12 month size, but they were huge, so I made the 3-6 month size and they were perfect. The great thing about making your own shoes is you can adjust the width or length or height as much as you want! This was the pattern I followed:
Step 1: Cut the pieces
These were all of the necessary pieces:
Cut out each of the pieces to the pattern. The 'top of the shoe', the 'sole', and the 'strap'. There are 16 total pieces. 
Top of shoe: 2 Main fabric, 2 liner fabric, 2 interfacing
Sole: 2 Outer sole fabric, 2 liner sole, 2 interfacing
Strap: 2 Main fabric, 2 interfacing 
Step 2: Top of shoe
Iron on the interfacing to the top of the shoe fabric. Trim off the excess interfacing, if any. 
Step 3: Sole
Iron on the interfacing to one of your sole pieces. Iron on the lining piece of fabric to the outer sole fabric. Trim so they are even.  
Step 4: Strap
The interfacing should only cover half of the strap. Iron on the interfacing.   
 Sew on a 3/4 inch piece of Velcro to the outside of the strap.
 Fold in half, with "pretty" sides together. Sew along the edge, leaving one of the shorter ends open. 
 Turn inside out. Iron each strap. 
 Step 5: Top of Shoe
Put the top of the shoe fabric facing up, lay the strap with the Velcro also facing up. Place the lining fabric face down. Only sew the inside "U". Do NOT sew the outer edge. 
 Press the seams. 
 Sew the heel of the shoe together. Sew the "pretty" sides together. 
 Turn inside out. Iron the entire top of the shoe. 
 Trim to make the pieces the same size. 
 Step 6: Attach the Sole
This is a tricky and tedious step. You have to pin very carefully to match the sole to the top of the shoe. Lay the top of the shoe with the lining side facing down. Place the sole on top of the shoe with the lining side facing up. 
 (This is a flipped image of the one above). Once sewn, turn inside out. 
 Step 7: Velcro
Sew on the other piece of Velcro where the strap falls. 
Step 8: Enjoy!

I'm excited to bedazzle them with little flower and cutesy things. Also, once my baby starts walking I'll probably use a lat heavy duty fabric like faux suede and a heavy canvas or heavy home decor fabric. But for now, this cute cotton works!

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  1. Those are so cute!!! I want to learn how to sew really awesome like you. And I love Livy's cute chubby feet in the booties...so adorable.